SCOM Management Pack Building

SCOM uses Management Packs to monitor products and services. There are a lot of SCOM management packs available, but often enough there are products for which you can not find a suitable management pack.

What we offer is that we can build SCOM management packs for you for your products or business services. We can do that by using different methods and tools, all depending on your wishes. We can do this work remotely, as long as we have access to an environment with such a monitored product in it.

The process involves an intake and a wish list and finding a way to be able to test what we are building. Next a management pack is made with a class structure as required and next the monitoring parts will be built. Once monitoring works as required we can build views and reports around it and deliver the SCOM management pack to you. A management pack can also be built in phases, with each phase means having a working management pack, but at a different level of detail.

Pricing depends on the methods chosen and the amount of work belonging to building the management pack and the location where it can or must be built.

Another service we provide related to this is SCOM Management Pack tuning and creating the overrides to existing SCOM management packs you need to get the amount of alerts for your environment in hand.

Ask us about the possibilities.