Bob Cornelissen

I am a managing consultant for BICTT specializaing in System Center products, and especially SCOM. Of course my interests in other Microsoft Server products is still there as well and I also still deploy those – Windows Server, Exchange, ISA, Forefront, SBS and those kind of great products.

As you might have found, most of my current career focusses on SCOM. I just love this product. One of the reasons is because it is versatile and because it touches all components of the infrastructure. This way I get to implement SCOM and get into monitoring not only diverse Microsoft workloads, but also network, storage, cross platform, custom applications and much more. And I get to work with people from first line helpdesk staff to senior sys admins to management and also from all different expertise. This gives the opportunity to help everybody get the most out of the product and very often to help in fixing problems that SCOM is seeing.

Even though I have been working with MOM and SCOM for years now, I actually see new things every day and learn from those experiences and reading blogs from others in the community and just finding things out for myself. I also love to try to contribute to the community through this blog and through forums, user groups and giving feedback in beta programs etc. As always the amount of time I have is the only limitation to this, but I try to make time for this purpose. I am gratefull and proud of the whole System Center community because it is very active and almost everybody is willing to help others. It is great. I hope that in some cases my blog and other forms can make a contribution.
In 2012 to 2018 I have received the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management.

You can find most of my resume over here:

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My MCP Virtual Business Card, about me page:
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I can be found in the following user group as well:
Windows Management User Group Netherlands

I can be found online on this blog, on MSN live messenger, on the SCOM Forums, hopefully every year at MMS and at several other places :p

Gourav Kumar

I am Gourav and not working on SCOM, Log Analytics, and Azure. Even we could say I am in love with these MS beauties and exploring them more. After my Engineering in Computer Science, I have started working on SCOM and started loving to it. Learning some concept of SCOM I elevated myself towards Log Analytics, Azure IaaS as well as PowerShell and SQL.
I am sharing my experience with you to make your life easier and expecting your feedback/Correction on it.

You can reach me at gouravrathore23@gmail.com or gouravin@outlook.com

Facebook : www.facebook.com/gourabunpredictable
LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/gouravrathore/