BICTT at ITDevConnections 2017

We are very happy to be attending and presenting at ITDevConnections 2017 in October in San Francisco.

Two BICTT Consultants, Bob Cornelissen and John Barreto,  have been presenting on SCOM 2016 and Security Solutions like OMS/AzureSecurityCenter/ATA.

BICTT at ITDevConnections
Somebody asking us to smile and wave right before starting our presentation on SCOM 2016
  • Why we want you to Migrate to SCOM 2016
  • OMS, ATA and Azure Security Center Mixer

We will show a few more pictures, because visiting conferences is about hearing what is going on in technical sessions, talking to vendors, presenting things yourself, talking to attendees and old friends from the community; but also a short sightseeing, eating, drinking (if applicable), shopping and having a good time during the whole time while on the travel from the minute you leave home until the moment you are back.

These are the Golden gate bridge taken from a high vantage point, the hotel, the vertical streets of San Francisco (it felt like that), ChinaTown.

It was again a great experience and hope the attendees of our presentations liked it. Looking forward to next year when the same event will be in Dallas.