Hotfix MP: Print Server 2008 MP

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Last week I installed a SCOM agent on a Windows 2008 R2 print server, only to discover that the SCOM agent went wild and kept crashing. Furthermore I found out it was generating a lot of data (about 18 milion entries in a few hours). So what had happened? Well the reason I found in this blog post from Daniel Mueller dating from April 2013.

In short the Printer Server 2008 mp (version 6.0.7004.0) has a mistake in a few performance collection rules. They are targetted at "Printer" in stead of print server role. Because it collects data from all instances, this meant in my case it saw about 500 printer queues and multiplied that by 500 times, because every printer queue monitored all instances of all other printer queues as well. As you can see with a high number of printer queues this thing will go wild.

The Printer Server 2008 management pack dates from December 2012 and it looks like even after the blog post from Daniel nothing has happened with it. So I decided a few days ago that I will post a hotfix management pack which will disable the original faulty collection rules and create new rules with the same settings but correct targetting.

The "Hotfix Management Pack: Print Server 2008" can be found in the TechNet Gallery.

It is specifically to override the 6.0.7004.0 version of the Print Server 2008 management pack from Microsoft, so you do not run into the performance and agent issues.

And thanks to Daniel Mueller for recognizing this issue in the first place.

Bob Cornelissen

System Center 2012 R2 is coming 18 October

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According to a post from Brad Anderson the release date for several products will all be the same: 18 October 2013.
These are of course Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 8.1, SYstem Center 2012 R2 as main components.
Because these products were developed together and work together to form a number of great new scnearios these are also now release together and will work together as well.

Here is the post from Brad:

So lets get ready for this!

User Group Meeting WMUG NL 17 September

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Especially for our friends from the Netherlands and Belgium:

The next user group meeting from WMUG NL is at 17 September in De Meern in the Netherlands. The evening's topic is Virtualization and has great speakers like Ruben Spruijt, Henk Arts and James van den Berg !!!

Get more information and a registration link through this link (in Dutch): .

More information on the specific subjects these speakers will talk about will be shared on that page soon.

Hope to see you there!
Bob Cornelissen

UR3 for DPM 2012 SP1 issues

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A few days ago the UR3 for DPM 2012 SP1 was released together with a few other updates (also for VMM, SCOM and AppController). A few days after it seems that a number of people have had issues with this UR3 update.

Issues are not completely clear yet, but seem to include things like not being able to upgrade the agent and not being able to delete or mofiy the membership of a protection group.

This issue is already being taken care of by the DPM team currently. In the meantime they have pulled the update down. I assume we will soon get information on a fresher version of the same and guidance on what to do if you are affected already. This is a message in the comments of a few blog articles from the DPM team:


We are actively working on the issues that have been reported here. We have pulled down the update from Microsoft Update. Given the issues seen at this point we would strongly advise against any further installation of Update Rollup 3 for DPM 2012 SP1.

We will shortly update you on the issues and the next steps. Stay tuned.

- DPM Team

As soon as I hear more information on the issue or if and when it is fixed I will update this post of course.

Bob Cornelissen

Operations Manager 2007 R2 Data Warehouse Update Script

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Microsoft released a KB article containing a fix for one of the following cases:

In System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 environments you may see the following:

  • The Data warehouse size grows, and upon investigation you discover that partitions are not being dropped/optimized even though grooming jobs are showing as running successfully.
  • Report results do not match the resource availability and do not match the visible data in the Operations Manager console.

Keep in mind that the script to fix these items requires first that SCOM 2007 R2 with CU7 is installed a minimum version.

The KB article can be found here:

SCOM KB - PRO group names contain Chinese characters in SCOM

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Microsoft published a new KB article. This is for the combination of VMM 2012 and SCOM 2012 and running PRO mp's. It can happen that the resulting groups contain CHinese characters. This can occur due to a missing languagecode in the SCOM database. The KB article contains the method to fix this issue if it affects you.

Warning, KB2775511 together with SCOM can cause deadlock issues

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It seems a few days ago a regression error was found with SCOM in combination with a rollup hotfix KB2775511. We are talking potentially both SCOM servers and agents. The rollup however is a rollup of about 89 hotfixes. We have no info yet on which specific files/hotfixes would be involved. We only have heard about the rollup itself. More info will surely follow.

Currently it is advised to not roll out KB2775511 if you are running SCOM. No advise on the contained hotfixes separately, but I would opt to wait for more info regarding this issue before deploying any of those separately on servers.

The notice with the warning is from this website.

Update: I havent been able to locate this one on my laptop (Microsoft Update) and WSUS. So perhaps not that many people are running this KB2775511 yet. I hope so.

UR3 for System Center 2012 SP1 released

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Last night Microsoft released UR3 for System Center 2012 SP1. This covers at least a few products according to the page where the UR3 is explained over here.

For now it says App Controller and DPM and SCOM and VMM in this KB article.
Not all updates will necessarily be available at the same time by the way. Some downloads might be available today and some might be available at a later time.

For myself the SCOM pieces are the first items of interest for today &#59;) &#59;) &#59;)
Will check out the rest tomorrow.

I saw the download link for the SCOM update was not shown yet on the KB page, but you can get the SCOM downloads here:

I already saw these popping up in my WSUS server as well.

What does the SCOM update contain???

According to the KB article today it should contain the following items (taken directly from that KB page):


Operations Manager Update (KB2852565)

Issue 1
The Audit Collection Services (ACS) dtPrincipal tables sometimes are missing a user's domain name.

Issue 2
If you decide to see more than two days' worth of data in a Service Level Dashboard view, the data is displayed from the Daily Aggregated data and does not contain the last two days' worth of data.

Issue 3
The Health Service stops collecting performance data on Windows Server 2008 R2.

Issue 4
The web console crashes when the Active Alerts view and the Windows Computer State view are accessed at the same time when Internet Explorer 9 is used.

Issue 5
A memory leak may occur in the console when the performance widgets dashboard is left open.

Issue 6
When the Operator role is used, many 26319 events are generated. This causes performance problems.

Issue 7
Health Service availability reports are incorrect because of duplicate entries in the HealthServiceOutage table.

Issue 8
When the Orchestrator Integration pack is under a high-load scenario, a software development kit (SDK) process deadlock may occur.

Issue 9
This update includes fixes to the following Advisor Connector issues:•Group opt-in
•Microsoft System Center 2012 Operations Manager gateway and Microsoft monitoring
•Windows PowerShell cmdlets
•Health state
•Microsoft Knowledge Base article links in Operations Manager console alerts

Operations Manager - UNIX and Linux Monitoring (Management Pack Update)

Issue 1
The Solaris agent cannot be installed on Solaris 11.1 because it does not find the prerequisite OpenSSL package.

Issue 2
Knowledge editing pages are not displayed when monitors that were created by the Shell Command templates are edited.

Issue 3
Log files that are encoded in schemes other than ASCII cannot be monitored.


Alright, thats it for SCOM it seems :p :)
Bob Cornelissen

Update Rollup 4 for System Center Advisor released

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I saw that last night Microsoft released Update Rollup 4 for System Center Advisor for download and to WSUS.

The KB article explains where to get it (I already hinted that also WSUS gives this one) and what is contained.

From the KB article:

Issues that Update Rollup 4 fixes
This update resolves the following issues:

•Advisor RunAs account setting has to be more robust.
•Advisor on-premises agent displays information bugs.
•Advisor on-premisea agent and gateway components have to be stabilized.

By the way also in SCOM 2012 R2 there will be more Advisor links between SCOM and Advisor so we can integrate and improve this platform. So looking forward to that later! I will blog about these things more at a later date.

Happy monitoring with Advisor!
Bob Cornelissen

New Biztalk 2013 management pack available

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A few days ago Microsoft released the BizTalk 2013 management pack into the wild with version 7.0.1033.0

It can be found and downloaded from this page.

So of course this is a fresh pack to monitor BizTalk Server 2013 with. At the basis was the BizTalk 2010 management pack, however a few known issues and a few remarks from the MVP community were taken into account. SO this pack is better than the 2010 pack. Especially the amount of alerts is less now, because some seemingly duplicate alerts are being suppressed. This means that I do not have to write another Noise Reduction Management pack for this 2013 version of the pack anymore B)

There are some things to keep into account though.

If you are intending to run BizTalk 2010 and BizTalk 2013 monitoring side by side there are a few things.

  • FIrst of all when running both downloaded MSI files to extract the management packs from them the second MSI will fail telling you it is already installed. Simply remove the other one from control panel programs and run the other one. Remember to first copy the extracted .mp files from the "c:\program files (x86)\system center management packs\" directory!
  • Second if you install both the RFID management pack files, the second one will give an error due to duplicate relationship type.
  • And you will notice that when looking into the authoring pane and such while trying to find one of the classes/rules/monitors and such the entries for both versions look the same. Its a bit of a search to find which is which in some cases. By the way also in the management pack list and in the runas profiles there will be duplicate entries (seemingly). Underneath they are different and version specific though.

It is good to see some improvements have been made to the pack, and I certainly hope the next itteration will contain more fixes to already communicated details and small issues surrounding these kind of packs. We are moving forward with this.

So enjoy your BizTalk monitoring!
Bob Cornelissen

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