Webinar Rick Claus about Storage spaces today

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If you are interested in hearing about Storage Spaces in Windows 2012 R2, there is a webinar tonight (in about 3 to 4 hours from now) about this topic presented by Rick Claus!!! It is a presentation for our user group. For more info and the link to Lync see this post:


You are free to join if you like!

WMUG NL live event 12 February

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The user group Windows Management User Group Netherlands will organize another live event on location in the Netherlands with the subject of monitoring in the evening on 12 February 2014!!! The meeting will be in Dutch and is on location at our host for that evening - VX Company in Baarn. This will be monitoring goodness! We will have three great main speakers again this time: our favorite stranger Stefan Stranger on SCOM and PowerShell, Dieter Wijckmans about the combination of monitoring and the cloud and how to expand your power, and Dennis Rietvink on business service management for SCOM and also showing off some new features of the next version of Live Maps! If you are near and you want to visit this event (and you should), go visit the agenda and more information on the WMUG page mentioned below and register for the event!


I hope to see you there!
Bob Cornelissen

System Center Universe is tonight

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The absolutely fabulous System Center Universe 2014 is today, 30 January 2014 in Houston during the whole day. In my case in Europe it is the second part of the afternoon until passed midnight. B)

Check out this great agenda with top speakers:

I am definately going to watch remotely through the live stream. I have been told that efforts will be made to record the sessions as well for later reference in case we need to miss something due to other lesser obligations such as work or sleep or whatever. Tssss :>
There are a good number of User Group locations where you can also watch the live stream in the comfort of the company of your System Center friends from nearby.

In past years our friends at Catapult Systems did a great job of organizing this event both on location and online. It has even gotten a following of other separate System Center Universe events in Europe and Asia at least. Fantastic! Not only fantastic that there are events in different parts of the world, but also in timing. Because there is no more MMS and it is merged with Teched USA there has to be more opportunities to talk about SYstem Center during the year and also in different locations. Of course never forget the User Groups which are very active all over the world. As you know I am also involved in one ( WMUG NL ). That is why we can appreciate any community based effort and I am happy to see many people also from Microsoft joining in to help with these kind of initiatives.

Also a shout out to our friends at the SCU and Houston and of course our friends at Catalpult Systems from the Dutch user group: Windows Management User Group Netherlands !!! Good luck and have lots of fun over there!

So go ahead and watch this edition of SCU !!!

SCOM 2012 SP1 UR5 is available

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Microsoft released UR5 for System Center 2012 SP1. It contains fixes for DPM, VMM and SCOM.
The KB article can be found here.

Like I said yesterday, be careful to check which version of System Ceter you are downloading the patches for (2012 or 2012 SP1 or 2012 R2; they all have their own set of updates and rollup versions). Be sure to test them in test environments. Read the installation guidance, known issues and so on on the KB article pages and release notes. There may be additional steps required or an installation order!

The SCOM 2012 SP1 specific UR5 can be found here by the way.

Have fun!
Bob Cornelissen

System Center 2012 R2 UR1 is out

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Microsoft released Update Rollup 1 for System Center 2012 R2 which has fixes for SCOM, DPM and VMM.

Let me first say a few things:

  1. Be carefull to first check out which version you are downloading. There are UR releases for SCOM 2012, for 2012 SP1 and for 2012 R2. These can not be mixed around. The story today is about the update on top of 2012 R2.
  2. Read the KB articles belonging to these updates all the way. They contain info on what this update fixes, but also very important installation information, known issues, installation order and so on. For example for SCOM and VMM there are manual steps like running SQL scripts and importing management packs, and for SCOM the updates are split into the usual SCOM pieces and the SCOM Unix/Linux monitoring pieces.
  3. Test all updates in a test environment. I know some people might not like me saying this, but given the problems which occurred with some updates coming from Microsoft over the last lets say 14 months you definately want to be testing it in your test environment. Perhaps also wait for 2 weeks or more before doing that to see if people are blogging about problems before even putting it in an official test environment.

For SCOM 2012 R2 UR1 the KB article and information can be found here:

Good luck patching!
Bob Cornelissen

WMUG NL Webinar on Hyper-V live migration is tonight

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Today, 22 January 2014 will be the first WMUG NL user group webinar of the year.
Our good friend and MVP Didier van Hoye is presenting: Troubleshooting Hyper-V Live Migration performance issues. It is going to be a great session and I can't wait :D
We start at 8 PM Amsterdam time zone.

The session will be hoested on Live Meeting through this link:

If you are connecting directly from the Live Meeting client:
Meeting ID: 643CCK
Attendee Entry Code: xGW9"7&"Q

For more information:

Come join us at the Windows Management User Group Netherlands for these webinars!

We have several planned and there might be more on the way, depending also on speaker availability. If you are a potential speaker and interested in presenting a technical topic just contact me through bob at thedomainnameofmyblog.

Bob Cornelissen

Todo list when adding SCOM management servers to existing management group

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A while back my good friend Marnix Wolf wrote about a list of things you must not forget when adding an additional management server to a SCOM management group. Of course we can all imagine to install SCOM on that server and update it to the same Update Rollup level as the existing management servers, but there are more things to keep in mind. At the time I wrote myself a reminder to add a few items to Marnix's list, and this week while adding a few management servers to an existing management group actually thought about those items. From there Marnix and myself constructed a new list of things to do and check when adding an additional SCOM management server.

You can read the updated list here:

I guess we could think of even more things which could happen or be the case in more rare cases. For instance when not only adding a server, but also removing one of the existing ones after that (so installing servers with the goal of removing others). But those kind of things have more to do with removal of an MS and therefore the other MS having to pick up the workloads of the older MS, such as connectors and workflows pointing to such a server from other tooling, or the Exchange correlation engine in the Exchange 2010 MP. But I think the article mentioned above covers most things we would forget about when just adding a management server.

A good list to jump back to.
Bob Cornelissen

SCOM agent fails to start with 2164195395 or -2130771901

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Had an issue the other day with an already installed and configured agent refusing to start.

When trying to start the service through command prompt I got this error:

C:\>net start healthservice
The System Center Management service is starting.
The System Center Management service could not be started.
A service specific error occurred: 2164195395.

And in the System event log I found this entry:
The System Center Management service terminated with service-specific error %%-2130771901

Went back to look in the Operations Manager event log entries to see what happened right before the agent service stopped and found at least these two error entries a few days earlier:

Operations Manager has received a bad configuration file for management group XYZ which could not be parsed. Configuration has been re-requested. A copy of the bad configuration file will be placed in C:\Program Files\System Center Operations Manager\Agent\Health Service State\\Connector Configuration Cache\XYZ\OpsMgrConnector.Config.Error.xml

The Management Group XYZ failed to start. The error message is 0xC00CEE04(0xC00CEE04). A previous message with more detail may have been logged.

Right after these the agent had stopped.

Usually first thing to start is to check the registry for the WindowsAccountLockdownSD entry:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\HealthService\Parameters\Management Groups\Your-Management-Group-Name\WindowsAccountLockDownSD
This entry should be present. Otherwise copy it from another machine in the same management group with a working agent.

In this case this was all there and good.

Next checked the Registry again, but looking for the State Directory here:
This should have an entry called State Directory and please check if the directory path stated there exists and is correct.

Next I went to this directory and removed the contents.
In my case everything located in:
C:\Program Files\System Center Operations Manager\Agent\Health Service State\

Tried to start the healthservice again through the services.msc or by command prompt net start healthservice
And it started working again.

Happy monitoring!
Bob Cornelissen

SCU Jedi contest - dont forget to vote

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Very soon it will be the time for the System Center Universe 2014 event again.
This year there is a contest for the SCU Jedi. The one who wins will speak about his topic of interest at the event.

Voting is still possible until the 15th of December, so don't forget to vote!

Here is the playlist with all three remaining contestants:

Play the videos and vote for your favorite by using the like options.

My favorite is Dieter Wijckmans with a great monitoring related subject!!

Bob Cornelissen

Jalasoft releases some great updates again

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Jalasoft has been creating great network monitoring and visualization tools on top of SCOM for years now and I have been working with them for a long time. They are quite active in creating new products and new versions of existing products, which evolve with customer demand and SCOM product updates. These weeks we are seeing a number of product updates:

Xian Network Manager 2012 SP2

A little less than 2 weeks ago Jalasoft announced the release of Xian Network Manager 2012 Service Pack 2. This latest version of the product supports SCOM 2012 R2. It features improvements to the Configuration Monitoring feature and adding support for the latest version of VMware Virtual Center. In addition, one of the main features called Netflow also got a lot of upgraded functionality and can handle V9 templates and adds dashboard improvements. Also it can now filter data to a top-N set to send to SCOM in order not to overflow SCOM with too much data which is marginal in importance.

More information on Xian Network Manager can be found here: http://www.jalasoft.com/xian/networkmanager

Xian Wings 2.0

The next thing to get exited about is that Jalasoft is releasing Xian Wings 2.0 this week. It will be released on Wednesday 30 October 2013! Xian Wings brings all kinds of SCOM views to your mobile and tab devices, including state, alerts, performance graphs, tasks and notifications. This is not limited to the Xian Network Manager objects in SCOM, but all objects. Now I am pleased to early-announce (with permission) some of the improvements in Wings 2.0:

Xian Wings HD for iPad

  • Remote Shell: it is now possible to run PowerShell and cmd prompt commands directly from your iPad against the SCOM server or another computer. This means that additional tasks or actions can be directly done as a response to some alerts received in SCOM. I will surely be showing you what this looks like in one my upcoming blog posts.
  • Notifications Widgets: besides alerts, states and performance graphs, it is now possible to add notifications widgets to any Wings dashboard. This widget will display a new notification object for each alert generated or modified on SCOM associated to any selected object within the scope of this particular widget.

Xian Wings for Windows Phone

  • Full support for Windows phone 8: a new Xian Wings client for Windows phone 8 has been created in order to fully support this new version. Besides this latest version, Wings still supports phone 7 as well. It is very nice to see both versions of the Windows Phone OS are now supported.

Xian Wings for Android and iPhone

  • Class icon for each monitored object: each monitored object now displays its associated type icon along with its status, making it easier to know which object has problems and what kind of component it is; for instance a database, computer or network device.

Xian Wings 2.0 Server

  • The Xian Wings server now fully supports .Net Frameworks 4.5 in order to improve performance and compatibility with the latest Microsoft platforms and technologies.
  • The Xian Wings server and/or console can now be installed on any computer running Windows 7 or 8.

More information on Xian Wings can be found here: http://www.jalasoft.com/xian/wings

Like I said this calls for an additional blog post on the possibilities of the latest Xian Wings 2.0 on my iPad mini. Stay tuned for that one to come in the near future!

Bob Cornelissen


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