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Jalasoft Device Simulator upgraded to version 5.5

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I have written and talked about Jalasofts great tool called Device Simulator. Many people in the monitoring space have been using this tool in previous versions. Today they released a fresh version of this tool to the 5.5 version. The main additions… more »

Spend a minute for animal charity and your effort will be doubled

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As you may be aware I have been very involved with an animal charity. It is called House of Tails ( ) and is about taking care of abandoned dogs in Thailand. This is also the reason why the volume of my tech blog posts went down for… more »

SCOM 2012 R2 Web Console Configuration Required updated

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This is an update to the page describing a solution to the "Web Console Configuration Required" message for SCOM 2012 and SCOM 2012 R2. If you get this message on your workstations and you do not have the rights to simply run the configuration wi… more »

On the subject of spending money wisely

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I wish to direct your attention to a blog post made by my friend and fellow System Center MVP Tao Yang. He is talking about community efforts and contributions and on how some of them get turned into commercial products. If you are working with SCOM for… more »

SCOM monitoring multiple services running under one account or similar names

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Recently I received a request to be able to monitor all Windows Services running under a specific user account (service account) one certain machines, and to bring them together in a overview. I will show you how I did this. First of all we have of… more »

Experiences implementing the Veeam management pack with monitoring groups

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It has been a while since I wrote about Veeam and their management pack for monitoring VMware products (did you know they also added Hyper-V to that now?). Lately I got a chance to install this pack in a reasonable size environment, so this is a good ch… more »

Free SCOM MP Authoring University opportunity

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Our friends at Infront Consulting Group are organizing another great set of sessions on SCOM MP Authoring. Watch below for an announcement and registration information. The event is capped to 100 attendees for get there on time: Silect Software and I… more »

Microsoft acquires BlueStripe

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I am sure many of you know about BlueStripe solutions and how they connect to SCOM for application discovery and so on. Today we hear that Microsoft has aquired BlueStripe. I think this is a very good move indeed! Read the announcement here: http://b… more »

SCOM and Savision Extension as a package for locked down workstations

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For those of you wanting to provide the SCOM full console, possibly augmented with Savision Live Maps extensions, to desktops which are locked down, as a package. It might help B) Case We want to create a software package for the SCOM Console with S… more »

Saving dogs while monitoring

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I know this blog is all about my technical career in IT, with System Center and Microsoft products and so on and so on. But I also have a secondary life which is very important to me and a lot more. In fact I am somewhat of a shy person and so is my wif… more »
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