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SCOM Trick 47 – SCC Health Check reports

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While working with SCOM you will want to know more about what is happening to your monitoring system. This could also be for reasons of troubleshooting, but also in order to catch problems before you will actually be affected by them. Oskar Landman and… more »

SCOM Trick 46 – Green machine MP

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Another community management pack that deserves a mention is the Green Machine mp. Yet another mp made by Cameron Fuller. At some point you would want to reset the health state of a machine back to green for troubleshooting purposes or if something wen… more »

SCOM Trick 45 – ReSearch This MP

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A few tricks must be dedicated to community management packs, simply because they provide a great added value to the product. Some of these are created to provide monitoring for some kind of product, some are for viewing or reporting purposes and some a… more »

SCOM Trick 44 – Live Maps

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When talking about dashboards in SCOM you are sure to run into Savision Live maps. I will shortly discuss several dashboarding possibilities for SCOM soon in this series, but I especially wanted to call your attention to this one. I have been working wi… more »

SCOM Trick 43 – Collation

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One of the things I run across and I think of a lot of people with me is having a SQL installation with the wrong collation for use with SCOM. Mostly this happens when I want to install a new SCOM at a customer site and ask for a Windows installation to… more »

SCOM Trick 42 – Getting notified

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Getting notified is a subject we often touch in some way or another. Of course when you look at the SCOM console and an alert appears you are notified. Or when using Savision Dashboard you can also add a sound to be played whenever something important h… more »

SCOM Trick 41 – the Default MP

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One of the questions often asked is what the default management pack is for. Especially when you tell somebody they should not save overrides and stuff in there, while it is always right there as the first selected management pack to save something to!… more »

SCOM Trick 40 – SNMP

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As this is a short article I cannot touch upon everything there is to say about SNMP as it is a broad subject. However it is something you almost certainly will touch upon. I prefer agent based monitoring whenever possible, but there are devices which… more »

SCOM Trick 39 – RMS reconnect to SQL feature (post CU4)

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In the past when the SQL server for SCOM had been down for whatever reason (installing updates, downtime and so on) the RMS would have trouble re-connecting to the database and thus having trouble to start running again. Actually I have only seen this h… more »

SCOM Trick 38 – Gateway

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Using a SCOM gateway server (SCOM GW) can be very helpful. Mostly a reason to use a gateway is because you want to monitor a domain which has no Kerberos trust with the domain where your management servers are located. In this case you can just setup a… more »
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