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SCOM Trick 35 – SCOM Licensing

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One of the things that is most often unclear with Microsoft software is licensing. There are people who have studied it for years. So, what options are there for SCOM and System Center? I hope these will point you in the right direction. Here is one… more »

SCOM Trick 34 – Move SCOM databases

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At some point you might run into the need to move one of the databases related to SCOM to another server. In case you do you can start your migration plan with reading some of these posts. Let’s start with the TechNet pages related to the subject:… more »

SCOM Trick 33 – Service Level Dashboard

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One of the solution accelerators Microsoft released is the Service Level Dashboard. What it does is create a dashboard on top of Windows SharePoint Services which shows service level objectives you have set. There are a few very good resources out th… more »

SCOM Trick 32 – Monitor Oracle

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After monitoring operating systems there might also be a wish to monitor Oracle. Of course Oracle has a bit more to offer than a database server. I will list a few links and products here that monitor the database and some that monitor other components.… more »

SCOM Trick 31 – Monitor server hardware

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When monitoring operating systems and server applications you will probably get to thinking you would like to monitor a bit more from the hardware as well. Well this is possible in a few ways depending on the hardware and also depending on the operating… more »

SCOM Trick 30 – Monitor Network Devices

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As we want to monitor everything with SCOM we also want to pull in the network devices. There are several different ways to do this in SCOM 2007 R2. Let’s go from very simple basic monitoring to more extensive monitoring. Here are a number of possibilit… more »

SCOM Trick 29 – Web Console issues

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The SCOM Web Console is a nice way of displaying alerts and health states using the web. No full GUI needed and just the default web port (depending if you installed as http or https). Great. But it is possible that you run into problems with the web co… more »

SCOM Trick 28 – Creating test events

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When working on new management pack with monitors or rules that watch the event log for a certain event you might want the possibility to test if it actually works without wrecking your server first to create the event. So in the MOM resource kit there… more »

SCOM Trick 27 – Un-seal a management pack

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In some cases you will want to un-seal a management pack. I am assuming this is a sealed management pack that has not been created by you. This might be because you want to look inside for examples on how to do something. There are several possibilities… more »

SCOM Trick 26 – Seal a management pack

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When you are doing a bit of management pack authoring you will notice that you get to a point where you will want to seal your management pack. For instance because you want to reference the objects of it from another management pack. Here is a TechN… more »
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