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nworks 5.7 automation error

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A few days ago I was playing around with auto installation of one of my favorite products, nworks 5.7, and ran into a small bug. nworks 5.7 has an installation guide with good guidance on how to use command lines to install the different components, suc… more »

SCOM Close alerts from rules

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Was looking at a SCOM console with a lot of alerts today at a customer site. I did not feel like going through it all, so I wanted to clean out all alerts created by a rule, which had not been modified for at least 24 hours. This is because alerts comin… more »

SCOM Trick 53 – New Report Operator role

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For some customers the only people running and viewing reports are the same as the ones who already have advanced rights in SCOM. If they are admins they can see and run reports as they please. However in many cases we need to allow application owners a… more »

SCOM Trick 52 – Agent in pending management

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When you look in SCOM Administration and go to device management and pending management you might see some machines listed there. This can have several reasons. - You might have the SCOM security settings set in a way that manually installed agents nee… more »

SCOM Trick 51 – Dashboarding possibilities

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Dashboarding is actually very important with SCOM, and most of it is due to the way people operate. People like to have visual overviews of the status of machines/networks/applications and health states and alerts split by functions and so on. The machi… more »

SCOM Trick 50 – Reporting

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Wow, in the end you will not believe what a good trick reporting is for SCOM. At first we always tend to dive into the technical stuff of designing and installing SCOM, distributing agents, importing management packs, tuning management packs and getting… more »

SCOM Trick 49 – monitoring CentOS

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Cross platform monitoring in SCOM is a good thing. It has been a good step to include it and in many environments we have come across machines that we could now monitor with SCOM 2007 R2 (or higher). A fair number of Unix and Linux distributions which a… more »

SCOM Trick 48 – Certificate validation

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Certificates can play an important role in SCOM when monitoring machines in non-trusted domains and workgroups. During the past years we have seen all kinds of things that can go wrong with certificates, especially during the initial stages. Mostly beca… more »

SCOM Trick 47 – SCC Health Check reports

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While working with SCOM you will want to know more about what is happening to your monitoring system. This could also be for reasons of troubleshooting, but also in order to catch problems before you will actually be affected by them. Oskar Landman and… more »

SCOM Trick 46 – Green machine MP

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Another community management pack that deserves a mention is the Green Machine mp. Yet another mp made by Cameron Fuller. At some point you would want to reset the health state of a machine back to green for troubleshooting purposes or if something wen… more »
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