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Release candidates for SCCM 2012 and ForeFront Endpoint Protection released

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The SCCM team have reached another milestone in getting the release candidates for SCCM 2012 and FEP 2012 released to the public. Also interesting that they are moving the antivirus product name from ForeFront to System Center as it seems. See the extract below.

AN extract from the email we got about this:

We are extremely excited to announce the availability of the release candidates for System Center 2012 Configuration Manager and System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection (formerly known as Forefront Endpoint Protection 2012) today. Both releases are available through a single download package on the Microsoft Download Center. You can learn more about this release at our Server and Cloud Platform blog.

Looks good eh? Now we can download and test the RC!
Bob Cornelissen

Forefront Endpoint Protection Server Health Monitoring Management Pack

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The Forefront Endpoint Protection Server Health Monitoring Management Pack has been released.

This is the information coming from the download site:

Forefront Endpoint Protection Server Health Management Pack monitors health of the FEP servers and alerts on server health changes. As most of FEP functionality is based on Configuration Manager infrastructure, this MP only monitors two standalone components:

  • SQL agent job that copies data from Configuration Manager database to FEP Data Warehouse
  • FEP alerting service

Management Pack also alerts on events in Windows Event Log that indicate error conditions of FEP Server.

Feature Summary

  • Monitors FEP Service (responsible for sending alerts and updating malware metadata)
  • Checks existence and health of FEP SSIS job that copies data from Configuration Manager DB to FEP Data Wareshouse
  • Monitors events generated by FEP Server

Release History
12/8/2010 - Original release, version 2.0.0647.0

You can download the management here:

Be sure to read the RTFM :-) You will also see that this MP is not meant to monitor individual agents, but just monitors the health of the FEP SERVER. Monitoring of its clients is done through the SCCM mechanism.

Bob Cornelissen

Forefront TMG Service Pack 1 Now Available

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So a few days ago the TMG team released Forefront TMG Service Pack 1. You can read about it here:

Here is the link to the Microsoft Download Center.

Happy firewalling!
Bob Cornelissen

ISA to TMG migration guidance

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With the onset of Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) as the new version of ISA everybody is eager to hear how to migrate to this new version.

I just found a video that gives some guidance and a technet page that outlines on how to do it.

Thing with ISA 2006 was that it had to be installed on a 32 bit operating system to work. And TMG of course requires a 64 bit operating system. So an in place upgrade of ISA to TMG is not possible. It will ahve to be a move to other hardware or a re-install of an operating system on the existing machine after exporting settings from the old ISA installation.

I am planning my upgrade already, although of the two ISAs in my network one is on such old hardware that using any new OS on that hardware is impossible. But it is a good way to test a TMG to ISA-06 VPN tunnel.

Bob Cornelissen

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