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  1. § Panu said on :

    >> Would still be nice to get that old button back somehow

    Use Server Manager => Local Server => Product ID

  2. § Laurent said on :
    5 stars

    Thanks a lot !
    I used slmgr and it was just perfect !

  3. § Kenneth said on :
    5 stars

    Microsoft pages had no solution to this, but this did the trick. Thanks

  4. § Scott Y said on :
    5 stars

    slmgr worked like a charm! Thanks!!

  5. § Free said on :
    5 stars

    slmgr is the best. great find

  6. § David said on :
    5 stars

    “slui 3″ at the command prompt will give you the GUI as well.

  7. § Jeff   said on :
    5 stars

    slmgr worked great for me as well, saved me a lot of headaches and time. THANKS!

  8. § Arthur Sxs said on :
    5 stars

    Great! SLUI worked for me.

    Thank you!

  9. § Hans said on :
    5 stars

    since 130 day we are using win Server 2012 Standard “Evaluation Version” as Server + Domain Controller .
    We bought a Produkt key wanted Change from test Version key to legal key. It doesnt work and prompt: please run Windows Setup !!..
    On Microsoft site i read dc must be deinstalled , Change Produkt key and then reinstall DC !!!.
    It is teribble we have only 50 days and no solution yet. Because testversion is running only 180 days … Do you have any idea how to Change the product key ?

  10. § Hans said on :
    5 stars

    How to Change Win Server 2012 Evaluation key to a legal Produkt key , if you are using Server as DC

  11. § ®   said on :

    Hi Hans,
    I have not checked that yet, but if a Microsoft site says that this can only be done while the machine is not a domain controller than thats the thing to do. Or.. add a second machine with the right key and such and promote that to a domain controller, transfer all the roles it has (FSMO roles, GC, DNS, DHCP perhaps..), and demote and remove the old box. (I know this is easier when running virtual machines than when running this on physical hardware).

  12. § Ayman said on :
    5 stars

    Great, Thanks

  13. § Edwin said on :
    5 stars

    slmgr worked. Many thanks Bob.

  14. § Frankstar said on :
    3 stars

    ty @ Panu

  15. § George said on :
    5 stars

    Excellent, thanks a lot!!!!

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