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  1. § Ivan Hadzhiyski   said on :
    5 stars

    Congrats Bob! Keep doing it the same way :)

  2. § Stanislav Zhelyazkov   said on :
    5 stars

    Congrats on passing the exams Bob! Was 246 hard? Do you receive MCSE: Private cloud certificate automatically?

  3. § ®   said on :
    5 stars

    @ Stanislav : I can say that both exams were hard. Its simply because of all the products involved in the Private Cloud exams. Especially in this starting phase of the products (in 2012 form).
    And yes, the MCSE Private Cloud should appear automatically, but it will probably take a few days for these two exams to appear on the MCP transscript and for the MCSE to appear after that.

    @ Ivan : Thanks mate. And you congrats on passing these two exams as well!

  4. § Efren   said on :
    5 stars

    I took 70-246 exam and I checked in prometic and I passed, but it does not apperar in my transcript. I never receive any email. Do you know if it is going to appear in th transcript?

  5. § Travis Marshall   said on :
    5 stars

    Congrats Bob, I just knocked out the final exam myself a wrote a small entry on my own System Center blog.

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