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SCOM 2012 Network Device No Response Ping in Pending Management

SCOM, SCOM Tricks, SCOM 2012 4 feedbacks »
Had a case where we used the SCOM 2012 network device discovery and found our devices to be in Pending Management, with the notification "No Response Ping". Even with network devices where we only ping and ping does work from the command prompt. Thing… more »

SCOM Updates

SCOM, SCOM 2012 Send feedback »
If you are running SCOM 2007 R2 or SCOM 2012, there are new updates available for you! See below for both. We start with SCOM 2012 and will name SCOM 2007 below that. SCOM 2012 UR1 A number of days ago Microsoft Released System Center 2012 UR1 (Up… more »

SCOM 2012 Web Console - HTTP Error 500.19

SCOM, System Center, SCOM Tricks, SCOM 2012 2 feedbacks »
While I was playing around with some SCOM 2012 web console items in a test environment I ran into another small issue. Probably because we have been playing around with it too much. But than again I guess somebody else might run into this issue as well.… more »

SCOM 2012 Web Console HttpWebRequest_WebException_RemoteServer

SCOM, SCOM 2012 15 feedbacks »
Had an issue today in a test environment with a freshly installed SCOM 2012 all-in-one machine. SCOM was working fine. Started the SCOM Web Console and suddenly got an error. The details of the error looked like this: System.ServiceModel.Communicatio… more »

Manipulating SCOM 2012 agent multihoming options by script

SCOM, System Center, SCOM Tricks, SCOM 2012 10 feedbacks »
Last week I got a question from a friend in the System Center community, Adrian Chirtoc, about how to remove a management group entry from a multi-homed SCOM 2012 agent by using a script. The case at hand was a parallel side-by-side installation of SCO… more »
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