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  1. § Saravana Kumar   said on :
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    Hi Bob Cornelissen, this is excellent work. We found the same, SCOM MP for BizTalk 2010 creates lot of noise and soon the support staff lose interest in watching for alerts and the whole monitoring story becomes useless.

    We tried to address this issue in our product BizTalk360, specifically designed keeping BizTalk monitoring in mind.

    Below article highliglights some of the challenges and benefits “Why you should buy BizTalk360, even if you got other monitoring solutions like SCOM/HP Openview?”


  2. § ®   said on :

    Great, yes I try to use native SCOM for this and adjust the MPs as we go or add MPs for it. We have heard it a number of times in a short time, so I just took action on that. Also because I was doing this for a customer as well (where I had done it for BT 2006 for only a few rules).

  3. § ®   said on :
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    By popular request we will be doing the same thing for the almost identical mps for older versions of BizTalk. Stay tuned to this blog for more info. Takes me a few days to get home first and to start working on that request.

  4. § Zachariah Zayas said on :

    I was able to find good information from your blog articles.

  5. § MaS   said on :
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    Sounds great ! I have the same issue, to many alerts for suspended msg.
    But before I import this, can you tell me if it’s working also for Biztalk Server MP used to monitor BTS 2009 (not the MP2010)


  6. § ®   said on :

    Hi MaS, this mp is written op top of the BizTalk 2010 pack.
    The 2010 pack does have some strange stuff in it that it would monitor for all mkinds of versions, however the discoveries in it are not.
    I have not made a Noise Reduction pack for BT 2006 or 2009 yet. The principle can be extrapolated to those packs quite easily once you compare XML code of both priginal packs and put the noise reduction pack next to it. Unfortunately you would be the second person who has asked me and it hasn’t come up anywhere else. I can create it, but its a bit late. Let me know of course if there is a big need for it.

  7. § MaS said on :
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    Thanks for your reply.

    There’s two problems for me with the Biztalk MP, and yes there’s a big need on our side :) as we’re not moving to biztalk 2010 soon.

    We get an email for each suspended message, as you know it can be hundred of them before we do something.

    But the main problem is as I’ve posted here (http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/systemcenter/en-US/d354a123-21ae-48a2-a8fb-e9959dd0859e/scom-biztalk-mp-unable-to-use-the-biztalk-administration-console?forum=operationsmanagermgmtpacks), the Biztalk Administration Console isnt functional. Any ideas on your side ?
    Best regards,

  8. § ®   said on :

    Yes, there are some items to recon with in the BizTalk management packs. The KB article http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2449532 discusses a few of the common issues with the BizTalk console.
    Of course the other issue is the noise the mp creates, but that is something we can overcome.

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