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  1. § ivarson   said on :
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    did this on my lab env. couple of days ago.
    Isnt there an additional SQL installed. We had sql 2008 included in 2010, upgrading to 2012 brings sql 2008 R2 along. Is this to care about?

  2. § ®   said on :

    Hi, yes this is correct. DPM 2010 had SQL 2008. When installing DPM 2012 and using the default option to use the local database as we do in smaller environments it starts by installing a new SQL instance at the SQL 2008 R2 level. After this installation it copies across the old database from the dpm 2010 sql to the DPM 2012 sql and prepares that one for use with 2012. This is to retain all data. During the copy phase of the .mdf file was my first error, because it did not shut down the SQL 2008 belonging to DPM 2010, which makes the file to be locked. After the install of SQL 2008 R2 on that machine by the way it disables the old SQL 2008 DPM 2010 instance. It does not remove old database files, however you can do that yourself later if you have to worry about disk space on the drive where all of this is located.

  3. § Pablo   said on :

    The upgrade fails in my dpm2010 server in the first step. (sql 2008 r2 install) Error 4024. But I can connect to the sql 2008 r2 dpm 2012 new instance with management studio.
    Any ideas??

  4. § FlorianS. said on :
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    I just finished the Upgrade for my first DPM2010 for one of our customers - just as easy as described here.

    One thing to mention, now that the Service Pack 1 for DPM2012 has been released :

    You will have to upgrade to DPM2012 without the Service Pack included first and apply that afterwards !

  5. § ®   said on :

    True Florian, this is for all SC2007/2010 to 2012+ upgrades. First upgrade to 2012 RTM, and next implement 2012 SP1. And from there the update rollups. And by the time SC2012R2 will be available we will reveal the upgrade paths for those as well.
    And congrats with your upgrades! Good to hear!

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