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SCOM Close alerts from rules

SCOM, SCOM Tricks 11 feedbacks »
Was looking at a SCOM console with a lot of alerts today at a customer site. I did not feel like going through it all, so I wanted to clean out all alerts created by a rule, which had not been modified for at least 24 hours. This is because alerts comin… more »

Operations Manager Internal Connector

SCOM, System Center, SCOM 2012 1 feedback »
Lately have been investigating some strange behavior at a customer site where SCOM 2007 would not send out notifications. At the same time we were investigating why a test of promoting a management server to RMS would not work correctly. As it turned ou… more »

Nworks UI cannot create channel sink to connect to URL

SCOM, System Center, SCOM 2012 Send feedback »
Ran into a small issue today where I wanted to connect to an Nworks 5.6 web UI and it promptly gave me an error. It was giving the same errors to the VIC machines who were trying to connect to this nworks EMS machine as well on port 4430. This is the… more »
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