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SCOM CEP meeting on cross plat and JEE monitoring – part 2

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In the first part of the quick report on the highlights of the SCOM 2012 CEP meeting on cross platform monitoring and JEE monitoring we talked about cross platform monitoring. In this second part of the same we handle the JEE monitoring. JEE monitori… more »

SCOM CEP meeting on cross plat and JEE monitoring

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About 2 weeks ago there was a very nice SCOM 2012 CEP meeting about cross platform monitoring and about JEE monitoring. Presentation was done by my friend Kristopher Bash and Peirong Liu. First off, the cross platform monitoring. Version support is… more »

SCOM CEP meeting on Network Monitoring

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As I said earlier I was not able to attend a few SCOM CEP meetings and did not have the time to blog about the fantastic features the new System Center 2012 Operations Manager is sporting. But as I was writing already anyway, I can give it another go.… more »

SCOM CEP - Last meeting notes

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Today was the last SCOM CEP meeting. I know I have missed the previous two meetings and promissed to write about them. Have not come to that yet. Will see what I can do about that. WIll for sure handle the topics soon :roll: So this last meeting was… more »

SCOM Web Console Runtime Error with 1310 in application log

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Here is a nice variation on the runtime error after installing the SCOM web console. A very well known error that looks exactly the same is discussed here for instance and is caused when the correct dll files are not in the web console bin directory, i… more »

Funny install issue

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We had something funny today in a non-production environment. We were simply installing the great product nWorks 5.6. Installing the EMS first. During the install have to enter a service account. So we did, existing account in the domain, local admin… more »

SCOM 2007 - Defeat the Management Server 0x80FF003F processing the configuration failed

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Another thing we saw in a SCOM 2007 R2 CU4 environment we were playing in to create new management servers, break them, migrate them, restore them and so on and so on. What happens... Installed a new management server and on top of that installed… more »

SCOM 2007 RMS promotion seems stuck

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Here is another thing I saw happening in a test environment, which does not happen if you follow the guide :-) But always good to know what it looks like. Thought it is informative for somebody who might run into that and search for it. This is situa… more »

SCOM CEP program

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Just a short note this time. I have blogged about the SCOM 2012 CEP (community evaluation program) a lot already. And yes, I have yet to blog about the last two sessions, but I have been swamped with stuff to do. I will get to it for sure as they are ve… more »

Inside Central podcasts

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A few weeks ago I have been part of an Inside Central podcast on cross platform monitoring with SCOM, with Dan Kregor and Pete Zerger. It was lots of fun to do. Also good news is that the website for inside podcast network has been renewed and revamped.… more »
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