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New SCOM Gateway not connecting to its management server and no health state

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This is the second time I see this happening in a few weeks, so time to post it out again. What happened is that we approved a new SCOM gateway server and installed the gateway. All good and without issues. However we did not see any health state chang… more »

ReportServer application pool stopped with unspecified error and keeps crashing giving 1057 and 1059 errors

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Today ran into a SCOM Report Server that would not load correctly on a Windows 2003 with SQL 2005 version. This also gives an error in SCOM console as follows: Data Warehouse failed to request a list of management packs from SQL RS server.. And in t… more »

SCOM Reporting parameters greyed out after moving MP to another management group

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I have seen this one in the forums as well once and have had this happen to myself a few weeks ago, but forgot to post about it as I would get back to the topic later. So now is the time. What is the situation? I was creating SCOM reports from the… more »

SCOM 2012 CEP meeting four - part 2

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This is a continuation of my notes on the fourth SCOM 2012 CEP meeting in Dashboards. The first post on this can be found here. Ake Pettersson followed with demonstrations of out of the box dashboards that are upcoming or already there. Three mai… more »

SCOM 2012 CEP meeting four - part 1

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These are some of my notes from the fourth SCOM 2012 CEP meeting on Dashboards. As these are quick notes it is not a beautifully formatted story, but highlights some things that are worth mentioning. So let’s go with the one-liners. I threw in some scre… more »

Next SCOM 2012 CEP meeting on Dashboarding is today

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Today will be the fourth CEP meeting for the SCOM 2012 beta. Today will be about dashboards. Creating good and flexible dashboards in SCOM 2007 was still not that good. Usually I would revert to Savision Live Maps for dashboarding and in some cases… more »

SCOM Web Console Error 404 and Unexpected error

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This is an old one as well, but we still see it happening (including in my case). Actually these are two cases. First had an 404 error when I opened the SCOM Web Console for the first time. Well this links back directly to my previous post where the… more »

SQL 2005 Reporting Services http error 404

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Had a small issue with SQL 2005 Reporting Services on Windows 2003 R2 in a quick quick test environment I was setting up for SCOM. When trying to open http://servername/reports I got an error "HTTP Error 404 - File or Directory not found". I knew I had… more »

SCOM 2012 CEP meeting three - part 1

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Today was the third SCOM 2012 CEP meeting. I will list some notes I took during the meeting. It doesn't cover everything, but of course the recording will be available soon. Nishtha Soni and Rob Kuehfus were presenting again. High Availability… more »
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