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  1. § Schnell Solutions said on :
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    Hello Bob,

    Lot of thanks because all your support with the community

    I have one question, is it possible to make a view in SCOM that just includes the agents with grey status?

    It is in order that the operators could easily detect this kind of agents without running PS or SQL commands

  2. § ®   said on :

    Well just thinking out loud here…

    You can take the powershell piece and see if you can put it in a task. The operators can run the task from the action pane on the right.

    The SQL command can be used to create a report which can be run from the SCOM console or could be scheduled and sent as pdf to the email address of the operators.

  3. § Jason Morgan   said on :
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    I thought your article was great but I think there was an issue with the PowerShell portion.

    In the SCOM 2012 Powershell Module the cmdlets for SCOM have SCOM at the beginning of the noun portion.

    So your example for PowerShell needs to be changed to:

  4. § ®   said on :

    The above article is for the 2007 version of SCOM. In SCOM 2012 a number of commands have changed. Especially SCOM cmdlets now have the SCOM piece in the noun as Jason says.

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