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  1. § Naveen Kumar Bommireddy Email said on :
    Nice article... it reduce the re-adding the each object every time while generating the perf reports for a large group of computers which contains the fix members.. Thank you... Regards, Naveen Bommireddy
  2. § Dominique Email said on :
    Thanks again Bob,
    One question I ran these reports on the Management Server Computer Group and I am getting the Processor counter but no page/data about the memory, is there any tip?
  3. § Antonio said on :
    Thank you so much! Just what I was looking for!
  4. § Saravana Raja Email said on :
    Hi Bob,
    Thanks you so much for this nice Article and i have a question like In the reports page left side values which are showing 0 to 35 number's with the interval of 5.. what ii meant and what is referring these values..
  5. § Bob Cornelissen® Email said on :
    HI Saravana, the values on the left side is the value of the counter. so processor time percent. went between 0 and 35 in this time period. the samples are taken by the scom agent every 5 minutes.

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